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This site is home to Alea Publishing & Recording, an independent firm specializing in music for the bass clarinet. We offer a growing catalog of creative, artistic transcriptions and new music for bass clarinet solo & ensemble:

Recently, we have begun to branch into publishing music for other instruments as well. If you are a composer or arranger who would like to have your work considered for publication, please review our submission instructions.

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Who we are

Duo Alea has been performing music for bass clarinet and piano since 1996. After a few years, it became obvious that there were missing areas in the available repertoire, and the Duo has looked to fill these areas with the publication of new works and transcriptions. As we have published more and more material, we have responded wherever possible to the suggestions of our customers.

Since our first publication in 1997, the Bach Suites, the Alea catalog now includes more than 200 titles, including music for ensembles, new compositions, music for study, as well as many fine transcriptions. As our catalog grows, we remain committed to our original focus on the bass clarinet, but are also working to build in other areas.

Site last updated July 17, 2019