Title Fanfare & Soliloquy by Keith Terrett
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet & Piano
Range Extended range instrument required for bass clarinet part
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About the Work

Fanfare & Soliloquy is an outstanding choice for a recital or contest piece for an intermediate-level student of the bass clarinet. The rousing Fanfare appears both at the beginning and end of the work, surrounding the lovely Soliloquy. While quite dramatic and featuring a few sections of technical challenge for the soloist, the work is also quite short and accessible - and a clear audience-pleaser!

The work does require an extended range instrument for a few dramatic uses of the low C, but otherwise does not place many demands on the soloist's range, never venturing into notes above the treble staff. A skilled accompanist would be most helpful given the mixed meters and frequent tempo changes; however, the work would also be a manageable challenge for a young pianist working on his or her accompanying skills!

Overall, the piece helps to fill an important void for the bass clarinet repertoire - that of new, original works for the instrument which are accessible for musician and audience alike.

About the Composer

Keith Terrett (b.1956), is a composer, arranger, conductor, band trainer, instrumental teacher, trumpeter, cornettist, flugelhornist & multi-instrumentalist born in London. He has performed and taught throughout Europe, North America, and Asia, and is currently Director of Music at Pathways World School in India.

Keith has studied with, and gained academic musical qualifications from the Royal Military School of Music, Open University, Trinity College of Music, Royal College of Music, Royal Academy of Music, London College of Music, and the Bandsman's College of Music in Manchester.

Keith is an internationally acclaimed composer/arranger, writing in all genres from full orchestra, brass band, and wind band, to music for string quartet, brass ensemble, saxophone group, clarinet choir, recorder consort, oboe consort, and even for the steel drums, harmonica and accordion! His music is published in the England, Belgium, Austria, Wales, Canada, Holland, Switzerland, Germany, the USA and Norway.

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Listen to the work in its original version for soprillo saxophone:

Catalog Info #ALEA1078
Piano score: 6 pages, spiral bound
Bass Clarinet part: 2 pages, single sheet