Title Daniel McDermott: The End is the Beginning is the End
Instrumentation Solo Bass Clarinet
Range Extended range instrument NOT required.
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About the Work

The End is the Beginning is the End is an outstanding performance piece for solo bass clarinet, both dramatic and challenging yet not overwhelmingly virtuosic.

From the composer's notes: The object of this piece is to create a monophonic line that "accompanies" itself, resulting in an implied polyphony. There are two voices within the melodic line: a bass line and a higher line. Emphasis between the two lines varies throughout the piece. A certain rubato or freeness can be applied to the rhythm to highlight the duality of the lines.

About the Composer

Daniel McDermott is a composer, producer, DJ, songwriter, pianist, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. He studied classical piano and flamenco guitar from a young age before progressing to Jazz piano and tenor saxophone in college. He studied composition to MA level at Queen's University, Belfast. He has attended master classes with Donnacha Dennehy and Simon Bainbridge.

He has attained a scholarship for composition and won a prize for his orchestral work Stab. His music fuses classical, jazz, electronica, flamenco and world music. He released his first album "fractal" in April 2011.

Catalog Info #ALEA1080
Solo Score: 8 pages, loose-leaf