Title Scherzo by Claude Debussy
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet & Piano
Range Extended range instrument required
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Claude Debussy's Scherzo, originally for 'cello, is remarkably effective in transcription for bass clarinet and piano. The single-movement work, with a duration of about 7 minutes, would make an excellent choice for contest, audition, or recital for the aspiring bass clarinet student. While the transcription, being accurate to original range and key, does require an extended-range instrument for some of the lowest notes, there is little use of the high range in this piece. The technical demands are also relatively modest.

Coming from early in Debussy's output, the work is more romantic than impressionistic in its language, with a lively opening theme contrasting with a lyrical section, all in 3/4 time. Although the work can be accurately dated to 1882, it remained unpublished during the composer's lifetime, and only started to become familiar to cellists after it was finally published in the 1990s.


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Score: 9 pages, spiral bound
Part: 3 pages, booklet