Title Concerto K.191 by W.A. Mozart
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet & Piano
Range Extended range instrument required
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Mozart's Concerto K.191 for bassoon is quite effective in this arrangement for bass clarinet and piano by Dalton Ringey. The work is from early in Mozart's output (composed in 1774 in Salzburg) and is therefore modest in its scope compared to some of his later concertos. Maintaining the key of the original (B-flat for bassoon) places this arrangement in the comfortable key of C major for the bass clarinet soloist. Any of the three movements, or the work in its entirety, would make an excellent choice for contest or audition.

Alea is pleased to also publish Mr. Ringey's arrangements of Weber's Andante & Hungarian Rondo and Gustav Schreck's Bassoon Sonata.


The arranger's own performance of this arrangement is available on YouTube!

Catalog Info #ALEA1085
Score: 25 pages, spiral bound
Part: 6 pages, booklet