Title La réflexion et la dispersion de rayons by Azusa Yomogida
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet Solo
Range Extended range instrument NOT required
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About the Work

La réflexion et la dispersion de rayons, which translates to English as 'the reflection and dispersion of rays', is an outstanding new work for solo bass clarinet by the young Japanese composer Azusa Yomogida. The work, with a duration of approximately 9'50", is highly dramatic and expressive, with frequent fluctuation of tempo and use of the full dyamic and lyrical capabilities of the instrument.

Although challenging, the work does not require the use of modern techniques or extreme range. In fact, the work does not require an extended-range instrument, making it accessible for a wider range of performers. The score is published loose-leaf to avoid awkward page turns in performance.

Alea Publishing is delighted to make this work available, and we look forward to watching the career of this talented young composer!

About the Composer

Azusa Yomogida began playing the piano when she was four years old, and began composing when she was just 14. She graduated from Shobi University in Music Media at the top of her class.

Asuza has taken part in a number of prestigious composition competitions worldwide, including Future in Tokyo, Festival Futura in France and the international electronic music festival Silence 2008 in Italy.

She participated in IRCAM Stage Overview Program in Paris in July 2011 and has also been studying Electroacoustic music with Eric Daubresse, Gregoire Lorieux, Emmanuel Jourdan, Jean Lochard, and Mikhail Malt.

Catalog Info #ALEA1088
Score: 9 pages, loose leaf