Title Ivana Loudová: Sentimento del Tempo (1993)
Instrumentation Bass Clarinet & Piano
Range Extended-range instrument required.
Recording available Ivana Loudová: Music for One / Music for Two (JK XXI 0077-2)
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About the Composer

One of the most prominent Czech composers of her generation, Ivana Loudová (1941-) has been a member of the composition faculty of the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Prague since 1992. Her early studies in Prague were with Czech composers Miloslav Kabelac and Emil Hlobil, and this was followed by work in Paris with Olivier Messiaen and Andre Jolivet. Her vast catalog of compositions includes works for orchestra, various chamber ensembles, solo instruments, and voice.

About the Work

"Among my most loyal interpreters are Due Boemi di Praga (Josef Horák and Emma Kovárnová), who performed, recorded and on their courses taught my Air for bass clarinet and piano. Hence, in 1993 I wrote for them another composition, Sentimento del Tempo, and dedicated it to the 30th anniversary of their ensemble. It is a sort of hindsight of an entire phase of their artistic development, passing through various styles and performance techniques from cantabile melody through jazz and timbre elements and improvisation in bass clarinet and piano, transforming from normal playing on keyboards through playing on strings to playing diverse percussion instruments, until it rests in the sound of tiny repeated figures of the exotic "daumenklavier" beneath the retreating bass clarinet melody. The one-movement composition is symbolically divided into 30 musical planes and afford both the instruments and the players the opportunity to display the range of their potentialities."
-- Ivana Loudová

Alea Publishing is pleased to make this work available to a new generation of bass clarinetists. After some consideration of importing the score into music notation software, we instead have chosen to publish the composer's carefully-crafted manuscript.

Catalog Info Catalog #ALEA1102M
Composer's manuscript reproduction
Piano score: 13 pages, spiral bound
Part: 7 pages, loose leaf