Title Andersen Viana: PRELUDIO e ALLEGRO for Bass Clarinet and Piano (2015)
Instrumentation Bass clarinet and piano
Range Extended-range instrument required.
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About the Work

We are delighted to add to our catalog the PRELUDIO e ALLEGRO for Bass Clarinet and Piano (2015) by Brazilian composer Andersen Viana. The work, which Dr. Viana dedicated to our Duo Alea, features a wonderful range of rhythmic and expressive challenges for both players, without overwhelming reliance on modern techniques. The PRELUDIO features several tempo changes bringing distinct episodes, while the ALLEGRO is a tight dance, primarily in 5/8 time. We believe this is an outstanding performance piece which makes an important addition to the duo repertoire.

About the Composer

Andersen Viana (1962-) has a PhD in Music Composition from the Federal University of Bahia, Brazil. He started his activities as a composer at age of thirteen and as a music professor at the age of nineteen. At present he works as a composer-conductor, cultural producer as well as a professor at Clóvis Salgado Foundation - Palácio das Artes in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, besides giving lectures and workshops in various institutions both in Brazil and abroad. He did his first studies with his father, Sebastião Vianna (assistant and revisor of Villa-Lobos), and lately he furthered his studies in other institutions in Brazil, Italy and Sweden: Federal University of Minas Gerais, Federal University of Bahia, Reale Accademia Filarmonica di Bologna, Arts Academy of Rome, Accademia Chigiana di Siena and Royal University College of Music in Stockholm. He has also published over forty music articles.

He has received twenty five awards in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the USA, including the "Prix de Composition" at "First Composition Competition Festin Choral 2013" city of Billère-France, "First Prize" at the "Susanville Symphony Composition Competition 2012" in USA, "First Prize" in the International Contest of Composition "Lys Music Orchestra 2001" in Belgium, "First Prize" and the "Audience Prize" in the "Lambersart 2006 International Contest of Composition" in France. Up to the present he has composed around 360 musical pieces for voices, acoustic and electronic instruments. He has also composed soundtracks for the following films: A Cartomante, Retalhos do Taquaril, Bem Próximo do Mal (Next Evil), Jogando para o Amanhã, O Próximo Passo, Gun's Speech, Trem Fantasma, 3:00:AM, Corações Ardentes, Filhos de Adão, Perdidos em Abbey Road, Vivalma, Manuelzão e Bananeira, Ofélia, Opostos, Minas Portuguesa, O Homem da Cabeça de Papelão, Convict, Ser Humano (Human Being), Um Dia Qualquer, Nego, Reenactment, Desafios, Oswaldo França Júnior and Padre Victor.

He has also organized and conducted/directed various vocal and instrumental ensembles, such as: "Orquestra Experimental" (1983), "Septheto Rio" (1986), "Coro Pedagógico da FEBEM" (1991), "Coro do Centro de Estudos da Embaixada do Brasil em Roma" (1993), "Coro da Cultura Inglesa BH" (1994), "Trio Barroco" (1994), "Orchestra Virtual" (1995), "Estocolmo Nonet" (1996), "The Duo" (1997), "Coro da SMRU", "Camerata Primavera" (2003), "A Cigarra e a Orquestra" (2006-2008), the "Coral IOCHPE MAXION" (2009) and the "Coral Sebastião Vianna" (2014). He has developed diverse musical projects in countries other than Brazil such as: Argentina, Belgium, Bulgaria, USA, France, Germany, Greece, Honduras, Italy, Portugal, The United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Russia and Sweden.


We look forward to sharing a live recording when one is available. In the meantime, listen to a rendering of the Allegro while watching the score!

Catalog Info #ALEA1145
Score: 12 pages, spiral bound
Part: 4 pages, loose-leaf to facilitate page turns