Title Clarinet Quartet No.2 Op.47 (2017) by Hans Tobel
Instrumentation 3 clarinets and bass clarinet
Range Extended-range instrument is required for the bass clarinet part.
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About the Work

Dutch composer Hans Tobel's (1966-) Clarinet Quartet No.2 (Op.47) was composed in 2017. The quartet is traditional in its sonata form, yet more modern in its rhythmic and harmonic components; overall, the piece is easy on the ear. The first movement starts and ends with a slow irregular measure, surrounding a firm allegro. The second, slow movement plays with the concept of major and minor chords, alternating continuously. The scherzo tries to disrupt the audience as to whether they are listening to a 3/4 or a 6/8 movement. The quartet is concluded by a fierce allegro.

Although the bass clarinet part does require an extended-range instrument, there are no extreme challenges of range or technique for any of the players, making the piece an excellent selection for students and amateur ensembles!

Catalog Info #ALEA1193
Score: 30 pages, spiral bound
Parts: 7-8 pages each, booklet