Title Václav Kucera: Saxonata (2002)
Instrumentation Soprano Saxophone and Piano
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Václav Kucera (1929-2017) was a Czech composer of international stature. After studies in Prague and Moscow, Kucera served several important roles with Czech Radio, the Union of Czech Composers, and the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences. In 1975 he was appointed to the chair of composition at the Prague Academy of Musical Arts.

Saxonata is a single-movement work of about 12 minutes in duration. The composer makes frequent use of flutter-tonguing and slap-tonguing. As is common of Kucera's works, he makes use of the instrument's full range, and the piano is a true partner to the saxophone. This manuscript publication allows the performer to view the composer's original notation, along with explanatory notes.

Catalog Info Catalog #ALEA1205M
Composer's manuscript reproduction
Piano Score: 20 pages, spiral bound Part: 8 pages, loose-leaf to facilitate page turns