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Read the review in The Clarinet (June 2003).

Read the review in Clarinet & Saxophone Magazine (Winter 2002).

I listened to a CD by Michael and Kimberly Davenport, entitled "Chaconne - Recital for Bass Clarinet and Piano." While I listened, phrases like "elegance", "understated virtuosity" and "true musicianship" kept coming to mind. If you are a bass clarinet enthusiast, as I am, you owe it to yourself to get and listen to this CD. It's just amazing bass clarinet playing! I wish I played as well."
-- Walter Grabner, ClarinetXpress

"I received my copy of the new Davenport CD - featuring Michael Davenport on Bass Clarinet and Kim Davenport on Piano. Fabulous CD - well worth your investing in. I especially enjoy the Hindemith Bassoon Sonata played on Bass Clarinet - some very tricky stuff there. If you want to hear some preeminent bass clarinet virtuosity and some wonderful piano playing - I recommend it highly!"
-- Roger Garrett, Professor of Clarinet, Illinois Wesleyan University

"First of all I congratulate you for the marvellous execution of my piece - and of course of the other pieces as well. Please convey to your accompanist my great respect at her musical and technical achievement. I know about the difficulties of the piece! Once more to the Bass Clarinet: I admire the softness and unforced tone and the technical ease with which you play."
-- Wolfgang Gabriel, composer

Catalog Info Catalog #AR004
Total play: 56:42