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Baermann: Method Part 3
This adaptation for bass clarinet to low C of Carl Baermann's Complete Method for Clarinet: Part 3, Op. 63 includes major and minor scale and arpeggio exercises arranged by key, followed by additional exercises: chromatic scales, octatonic scales, whole-tone scales, fully-diminished 7th chords, and augmented chords.

Catalog #ALEA1209; $20

Gabriel: Etudes
This publication is comprised of Austrian composer Wolfgang Gabriel's two volumes of original Etudes, supplemented by recommended preparatory exercises by bass clarinetist Michael Davenport. The challenging Etudes are intended for the accomplished clarinetist wishing to develop as a bass clarinetist, or for the performer already comfortable with the bass clarinet and in search of further study and preparation for difficult repertoire.

Catalog #ALEA1023; $20

Tsanoff: Concert Etudes for solo bass clarinet
The seven Concert Etudes for solo bass clarinet (2014) by Bulgarian composer Hristo Tsanoff belong to a cycle of Etudes for various instruments, titled "Play of the Thought," which provide performers with challenges suitable to prepare them for the repertoire of the 21st century.

Catalog #ALEA1117; $25

Tsanoff: Concert Etudes for bass clarinet and piano
The seven Concert Etudes for bass clarinet and piano (2015) by Bulgarian composer Hristo Tsanoff, related in concept to the solo Etudes described above, will be added to our catalog as individual volumes as they become available.

Catalog #ALEA1167a; $20
Catalog #ALEA1167b; $20
Catalog #ALEA1167c; $20

Youtz: Studies for Bass Clarinet
Alea Publishing is pleased to present the thirty Studies (2007) for bass clarinet of Gregory Youtz. Musically, the pieces are extremely varied, rhythmically often quite challenging, and Youtz's use of the low and high registers afford the student of the bass clarinet a wonderful challenge in developing greater alacrity in these ranges.

Catalog #ALEA1054; $20

Youtz: Studies for Saxophone
The excellent Studies of Gregory Youtz, originally composed in 2007 for bass clarinet, are now available in this new edition for saxophone, as edited by Erik Steighner.

Catalog #ALEA1093; $20