Alea Publishing Catalog: Solo

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Antonyuk: Brilliance
This single-movement work for solo bass clarinet is, as the title implies, brilliant, utilizing the full range of the instrument and providing excellent technical challenge, but not requiring use of modern techniques.

Catalog #ALEA1188; $12

Antonyuk: The Reflections of Late Fall
This single-movement work for solo bass clarinet makes for an excellent addition to the repertoire, utilizing the full range of the instrument and providing excellent technical challenge, but not requiring use of modern techniques.

Catalog #ALEA1189; $12

J.S. Bach: Suites
The Unaccompanied Cello Suites of J.S. Bach, expertly arranged for solo bass clarinet by Michael Davenport. Original keys and range maintained throughout. All double-stops are included (notated as grace-notes) to allow the performer to choose to include all, some, or none in performance.

Catalog #ALEA1001; $18

J.S. Bach: Chaconne
The Chaconne from the d minor Partita of J.S. Bach for solo violin has long fascinated musical theorists, historians, and performers. The bass clarinet again shows itself to be very adaptable in this attractive transcription of the Chaconne for bass clarinet or clarinet.

Catalog #ALEA1008; $15

J.S. Bach: Sonata I & Partita II
Since the release of our first publication, the unaccompanied 'cello suites of J.S. Bach, we have had frequent requests to publish more Bach for the bass clarinet. With this volume, we make available two complete works from the Six Sonatas & Partitas, originally for solo violin.

Catalog #ALEA1030; $20

Cardoso: Reflexos
Reflexos for solo bass clarinet is a brief, dramatic three-movement work by young Portuguese composer Rodrigo Cardoso.

Catalog #ALEA1179; $16

Carey: K.L. Moments
K.L. Moments: Three Pieces for Bass Clarinet was composed in 2016. The three contrasting pieces utilize the full range of the bass clarinet to great dramatic effect; that said, there are no overwhelming technical challenges or modern techniques required, making the work reasonably accessible for the advanced player. The short pieces were inspired by the city of Kuala Lumpur, which the composer has called home for the past six years.

Catalog #ALEA1161; $16

Carey: Suite
Suite was composed in 2015. We are pleased to publish this work in both its original form for solo bassoon and in the composer's own arrangement for solo bass clarinet. Consisting of five short movements - Prelude, Scherzo, Cavatina, Toccatina and Postlude - the musical language takes advantage of both instruments' ability to produce a beautiful singing tone, along with exploring their playful sides.

Catalog #ALEA1131a; #ALEA1131b; $16

Corcoran: A Dark Song
Alea is proud to include this solo bass clarinet work by established Irish composer Frank Corcoran in our catalog. A Dark Song (2011) is a brief, single-movement work. Set at a slow tempo, the work does not present the performer with overwhelming technical demands, but is nonetheless a dramatic, effective performance piece.

Catalog #ALEA1124; $12

Danilova: On Pointe
This single-movement work for solo bass clarinet makes for an excellent addition to the repertoire, exploring the full range and expressive capability of the instrument without an over-reliance on modern techniques.

Catalog #ALEA1215; $12

Davidson: Jump
Jump (1998) is an original work for solo bass clarinet by Australian composer Robert Davidson. The single-movement work is arranged in three small sections - fast, slow, fast. The composer was inspired by the contrapuntal nature of passages from Bach's cello suites, as well as a desire to show off the wide range of the bass clarinet.

Catalog #ALEA1051; $12

Gabriel: Sonata Op.72 - solo bass clarinet
While Wolfgang Gabriel has composed several important works for bass clarinet with piano, the Sonata Op.72 was his first work for the solo bass clarinet. This dramatic and challenging four-movement work has a duration of approximately 21 minutes.

Catalog #ALEA1021; $20

Gabriel: Sonata Op.83 - solo piano
Wolfgang Gabriel's excellent Sonata for solo piano consists of two dramatic movements - both based on the same two twelve-tone rows - with a total duration of approximately 13 minutes.

Catalog #ALEA1074; $15

Gabrielli: Ricercare 7
Domenico Gabrielli was a virtuoso cellist and composer of the baroque period. His works for 'cello are among the first developed, challenging works for the instrument. The Ricercare 7 (1689) is an excellent baroque work which is very effective in transcription for solo bass clarinet.

Catalog #ALEA1032; $5

Hare: Drei charakteristische Übungen
Drei charakteristische Übungen ("Three Characteristic Studies") was composed in 2012 for Shannon Scott, the composer's talented clarinetist friend and colleague. The three-movement work for solo clarinets - E-flat, Bass, and B-flat - has a total duration of about 6 minutes.

Catalog #ALEA1121; $20

Hoyos: 4 Colombian Pieces
The 4 Colombian Pieces for solo clarinet were finished in 2017. No particular folk rhythm is used in any of them but the rhythmic features and melodic gestures leave no doubt about their origins.

Catalog #ALEA1173; $20

Hoyos: 4 Contrasting Pieces
Composed in 2015, the 4 Contrasting Pieces were conceived as an exercise of style; they work both ways: individually and as a group.

Catalog #ALEA1174; $20

Knehans: Sonata for Solo Clarinet
The piece is a cast as a Sonata movement framed by two preludes. The first being of tentative, yet insistent character. The final movement is something of a moto perpetuo with declamatory, trumpetlike interjections. The central Sonata movement is cast as an elaborate type of Sonata/Variation form all drawn from the initial material.

Catalog #ALEA1212; $12

Kucera: Hidden Light
Composed in 2007, Hidden Light is a single-movement work of about 12 minutes in duration. The composer makes frequent use of flutter-tonguing, as well as more occasional use of slap-tonguing, shouting into the instrument, and multiphonics.

Catalog #ALEA1204; $12

Loudová: Air and Aulos
Ivana Loudova's staples of the bass clarinet repertoire, Air (1972) for bass clarinet and piano and Aulos (1976) for bass clarinet solo.

Catalog #ALEA1072; $10

Loudová: Four Pieces
Ivana Loudova's Four Pieces for Clarinet Solo was composed in 1982. The four pieces, with an overall duration of approximately 10 minutes, are quite contrasting in style, and present the clarinetist with some excellent technical challenges.

Catalog #ALEA1097; $15

Machajdík: Peroket
Slovakian composer Peter Machajdík's outstanding performance piece for solo bass clarinet, both dramatic and challenging yet not overwhelmingly virtuosic.

Catalog #ALEA1087; $15

Mastikosa: 60 seconds!
60 seconds! (2014) is a short, dramatic miniature for solo bass clarinet by Bosnian composer David Mastikosa. In spite of its short duration, the work utilizes multiphonics and slap-tonguing in addition to a handful of rapid runs to show off the broad range and expressive capabilities of the bass clarinet.

Catalog #ALEA1144; $12

Mastikosa: Metastasi della felicitá
Metastasi della felicitá, premiered in October 2013 by Italian bass clarinetist Sauro Berti, to whom the work was dedicated, it is a dramatic and virtuosic single-movement piece. Making full use of the bass clarinet's wide range, an extended-range instrument is required, and there are opportunities for the accomplished player to explore the altissimo register. Alea Publishing is delighted to add this exciting new work to our catalog!

Catalog #ALEA1100; $20

McDermott: The End is the Beginning is the End
Irish composer Daniel McDermott's outstanding performance piece for solo bass clarinet, both dramatic and challenging yet not overwhelmingly virtuosic.

Catalog #ALEA1080; $20

Moore: Enflame
Enflame (2013) is a dramatic two-movement work for solo bass clarinet by American composer and percussionist Joe W. Moore III. The work, dedicated to clarinetist Rachel Selice, makes effective use of the wide range of the instrument, and yet does not require an extended-range instrument, nor does it make demands of the altissimo register. With its relatively short duration, the piece makes for a versatile addition to the repertoire of the college or professional player.

Catalog #ALEA1141; $12

Planas: Spanish Rhapsody
Nick Planas' outstanding performance piece for solo bass clarinet, both dramatic and challenging, composed in 2009 for clarinetist Lucy Downer.

Catalog #ALEA1092; $12

Tiutiunnik: Una Notte Sacra
Una Notte Sacra (Italian for "A Sacred Night") for bass flute or contrabass flute is a short, single-movement work, comprised of originally composed melodies reminiscent of Jewish music of the Eastern European ("Ashkenazi") tradition.

Catalog #ALEA1155; $12

Uitterdijk: Gyroscope
Gyroscope for solo bass clarinet was commissioned by Paul Roe, an influential Irish bass clarinetist. The piece is inspired by the colour spectrum and shows this by exploring the colour and tone of the instrument.

Catalog #ALEA1180; $12

Viana: FANTASIETA for solo bass clarinet
We are delighted to add to our catalog the FANTASIETA for Solo Bass Clarinet (2014) by Brazilian composer Dr. Andersen Viana. The work has a big performance impact - both on the musicians and audience - because of its rhythmic strength and its enormous contrasts. With a total duration of approximately 6'30", it provides the performer with many excellent challenges, yet does not require an extended range instrument, nor does it test the altissimo register.

Catalog #ALEA1120; $20

Vičar: Phantasms/Preludes
Czech composer Jan Vičar's outstanding set of twelve witty character pieces for solo piano, composed in 2001.

Catalog #ALEA1073; $20

Yomogida: La réflexion et la dispersion de rayons
This is an outstanding new work for solo bass clarinet by the young Japanese composer Azusa Yomogida. With a duration of approximately 9'50", the piece is highly dramatic and expressive, with frequent fluctuation of tempo and use of the full dyamic and lyrical capabilities of the instrument.

Catalog #ALEA1088; $15

Youtz: Calypso
Calypso (2008) is an original new work for solo alto saxophone by American composer Gregory Youtz. Calypso takes us on a journey through time exploring the variety of Caribbean rhythms related to Trinidadian Calypso. Alternately primal, lyrical or sultry, the piece uses a variety of evocative extended techniques. Duration: 10 minutes.

Catalog #ALEA1099; $15

Youtz: Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf (2004) is an original new work for solo bass clarinet by American composer Gregory Youtz. This dramatic six-movement work is a highly effective performance piece which is accessible in terms of range and technical demands.

Catalog #ALEA1027; $15