About the Bass Clarinet Bibliography

The initial compilation of the bibliography took place in 1998-1999, utilizing the print and online resources listed on the sources page. Since that time, we have continued to add works as we have discovered them and as visitors to the site have submitted suggestions. We have utilized Google Alerts since 2011, allowing us to automatically receive notifications when new works are mentioned online, greatly adding to our ability to expand the bibliography!

What you will find here
  • Works for bass clarinet solo and bass clarinet with piano
  • Small to medium chamber works (up to 12 performers) which include bass clarinet
  • Bass clarinet concertos
  • Arrangements for bass clarinet solo or bass clarinet with one other instrument
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  • Links to YouTube, composers' websites, publishers, etc., whenever available!
What you won't see
  • Full orchestral works
  • Large chamber works with ensemble accompanying soloist, chorus, etc.
  • Large chamber works in which the same performer doubles clarinet/bass clarinet
  • Arrangements for large ensemble

Arrangement is alphabetical by composer within each catagory. Information provided for all listings is composer name, title of piece, and instrumentation. Whenever additional information is available (date of composition, duration, availability of score or recording, etc.) the information is either included directly in the listing or via relevant weblink.