Bass Clarinet Bibliography

Bass Clarinet Concertos



Agobet, Jean-Louis (1968-). Generation, Concerto grosso for three clarinets and orchestra. Soloists: cl/bcl, cl, cl/cbcl. Orchestra: 2fl, 3ob, ehn, 2cl, bcl, 2bsn, cbsn, 4hn, 2tpt, 2tbn, timp, 2perc, strings. Duration: 17 minutes. Commissioned by Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg & Radio France. Published by Editions Jobert, Paris (ISMN : M2308.15338).

  • World Premiere: January 9 & 10, 2003, Strasbourg, Palais de la Musique et des Congres. Michel Portal, Paul Meyer, Alain Billard: clarinets, Orchestre Philharmonique de Strasbourg conducted by Jan Latham-Koenig.
  • CD in preparation (2005) for universal music france

Appert, Donald. Concertino for Bass Clarinet. 2010. Written for Rocco Parisi.

  • World Premiere: Rocco Parisi with Clark College Orchestra, Donald Appert conducting. View on YouTube.

** Avrahami, Gad. Resurrection, bcl, choir, 2 perc, orch.

** Axelrod, Lawrence. Shunyata.

+ Ayres, Nelson. 3 Brazilian Sketches, 2bcl, wind band.


* Bartos, Jan Z. Concerto per Due Boemi, bcl, pf, str.

* Bartos, Jan Z. Inventioni, Op. 107, bcl, str. 1966, Dictionary of Contemporary Music.

Becker, G. Correspondances I, clarinet family, chamber orchestra. 1966, Edition Gerig, Germany.

** Berio, Luciano. Chemin IIb/c, bcl, orch. "The bass clarinet solo is optional; when omitted the work is called Chemins IIb, when played, Chemins IIc." 1973, Universal Edition. Buy the score!

* Blatný, Pavel. Uno pezzo per I Due Boemi, bcl, pf, jazz big band.

Bodorova, Sylvie. Kovadliny, bcl, orch. 1984, Czech Music Foundation.

** Brophy, Gerard. Les Roses Sanglantes, bcl, ensemble. Duration 13'. 1990, Australian Music Centre.

** Brophy, Gerard. Slang, bcl, fl, pf, ensemble. 1995, Australian Music Centre.

** Brugge, Paul van. Stroom, bcl, 8vlc.

Bryars, Gavin. The Sinking of the Titanic, solo bcl, any or all of: tsax, bcl, bsn, euph, trb, hn, perc, keyboard, strings, DATs. British Music Collection.

* Buchsfeldt, Horst. Concertino, bcl, hp, str.


** Callaway, Ann. Concerto, bcl, chamber orch (1-1-2-1, 2-1-2, strings, perc, cel). Duration 16'. 1990, MMB Music. American Music Center.

Callaway, Ann. Concerto: Moonrise, bcl, chamber orch (1*121 2120 timp, perc(2), cel, str). Duration 4'30". 1985, American Music Center.

Cant, Stephanie. Concerto, bcl, amateur orchestra. Duration 15'. 2001, original bassoon version. 2003, authorized bass clarinet transcription.

Carter, Elliott. Concertino for Bass Clarinet and Chamber Orchestra. 2009, Boosey & Hawkes.

Childs, B. Bayonne Drum and Barrel Company, The Undefined Soloist, bcl, band. Carl Fischer.

** Clarke, James. Försvinna, bcl/cbcl, strings ( 1984, British Music Collection.

** Clements, Dominy. Archilochain Bitterness, bcl, wind ensemble. 1992.

** Cloke, Geoff. Ducks.

** Coburger, C. Ohne Title.

Cohen, Fred. Smiling Dennis, bcl, str orch. 2005/6. Composed for Dennis Smylie. Premiered 2006 by Dennis Smylie with the Colonial Symphony, conducted by Paul Hostetter. Lowest note is concert A below the normal range of the bass extension.


** Dijk, Gijs van. Divertimento, bcl, sax octet. 1998/99.

** Dragostinov, Stefan. Promenos Konzert.

  • Recorded by Harry Sparnaay and the Festival Chamber Orchestra under Alexey Izmirliev, Stefan Dragostinov, DMI 2001.

du Bois, Rob. Tracery, bcl, orch. Donemus.


** Eisma, Will. Avonturen van een sjaal, bcl, ensemble. 1984, Donemus.

** Emmerik, Ivo van. Thought, fl, bcl, pf, orch.

Erdmann, Dietrich. Concerto. 1990.

  • Recorded by Renate Rusche with Berliner Symphoniker, Bass Clarinet, MDG, 1994.

Erez, Itamar. Soura, bcl, chamber orch. 1997, Israel Music Institute.


Faltus, Leosj. Concerto Lirico, bcl, strings.

* Feld, Jindrich. Konzertante Suite, bcl, pf, str, perc. 1972, Ed. Modern, M 1157E.

** Felder, David. Coleccion Nocturna.

* Felix, Václav. Double Concerto, bcl, pf, str, perc.

Finsterer, Mary. Nyx: concerto grosso for trio and orchestra, fl, bcl, pf, orch. 1995, Ricordi. Australian Music Centre.

* Flosman, Oldrich. Symphonic Plays, bcl, pf, orch.

** Fongaard, Bjørn. Konsert, Op.120, No.10. 1976, Norwegian Music Information Centre.

Furst, P.W. Bavy-Concerto, bcl, orch. Doblinger.


Gabriel, Wolfgang (1930-). Konzert für Bassklarinette und Kleines Orchester, Op. 77, bcl solo, fl, 2ob, 2cl, bcl, 2bsn, tpt, 2hn, strings. Duration 26'. Dedicated to Michael Davenport. 2003, Alea Publishing.

Galvez-Taroncher, Miguel. Konzert für Bassklarinette und Ensemble, bcl solo, fl, cl, gtr, hp, pf, perc, vln, vla, vlc, db. 2003, Edition 21.

** Globokar, Vinko. Austrahlungen, bcl, 20 instruments.

** Goethals, Lucien. Basklarinet concert.

** Goeyvaerts, Karel. Voor Harrie, Harry en René, fl, bcl, pf, orch.

Green, Geraldine. Bass Clarinet Concerto. 1992, Alea Publishing, available with full score/parts or piano reduction.


Hadermann, Jan. Spotlights on the bassclarinet, bcl and band (or piano). De Haske Music Publishers Ltd.

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Hannan, Peter. Earth. 1993. Commissioned by CBC for Lori Freedman, premiered by Lori Freedman and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra.

** Hartzell, Eugene. Concerto quasi una Fantasia, bcl, orch (2222 2210 perc str). Duration 17'30". 1986, American Music Center.

** Heimir-Sveinsson, Atli. Ten Dances. 1997.

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+ Heucke, Stefan. Bass Clarinet Concerto. Schott, Mainz.

Hietala, Timo. Lunnin tango, bcl, orch. 1998, Finnish Music Information Centre.

Hietala, Timo. Viluinen pingviini, bcl, orch. 1992, Finnish Music Information Centre.

Hoemsnes, Björn Korsan. Kamerconcerto, bcl, orch. 1981, Norwegian Music Information Centre.

Hyla, Lee. Concerto for Bass Clarinet & Chamber Orchestra. 1988, Carl Fischer.



** Jarrell, Michael. Essaims-Cribles, bcl, instrumental ensemble. 1986-88, Editions Henry Lemoine.


** Keulen, Geert van. Double sur Cors et Cordes. 1978/84.

** Keuris, Tristan. Zeven stukken, bcl, chamber orch. Donemus.

** Koc, Marcelo. Concierto.

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** Kopytman, Mark. Cantus III.

** Kox, Hans. Gedächtnislieder, bcl, voice, orch.

Krebs, Joachim. ... tief unten - traumversunken ..., Monologue for bass clarinet and string orchestra. Peermusic Classical.

Krouse, Ian. Concerto for bass clarinet and large orchestra, bcl, orch. Duration 21'. 1988, American Music Center.

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** Kupkovic, Ladislav. Concours. 1973.


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** Landré, Guillaume. Concertante, bcl, orch. Donemus.

** Lerstad, Terje. Concerto Grosso.

Linde, Bo. Pezzo Concertante.

+ Loeb, David. Bass Clarinet Concerto #1.

+ Loeb, David. Bass Clarinet Concerto #2.

+ Loeb, David. Temples of the East Mountain, 2 bcl, orch.

** Loevendie, Theo. Incantations. 1975, Donemus. Buy the score! Buy the solo part!

  • Recorded by Harry Sparnaay and the Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra under Otto Ketting, Theo Loevendie, Donemus Highlights CV24.

** Logothetis, Anestis. Geomusik 76.

Lombardi, Luca. Essay 2, bcl, orch.

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* Lucký, Stepán. Fantasia concertante, bcl, pf, str.

Lunde Jr., Ivar. Capriccio da camera for Bass Clarinet and Small Orchestra, Op.101. 1992, Norwegian Music Information Centre.


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** Maros, Miklós. Coalottino.

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Musgrave, Thea. Autumn Sonata, bcl, orch. 1994, Schirmer.


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* Nedbal, Manfred. Divertimento, bcl, str. Doblinger, Vienna, D12793A.

** Neukomm, Sigismund. Psalm 70, countertenor, bcl, orch.

Nieminen, Kai. Mist hobgoblin, bcl, orch. 1998, Warner/Chappell.

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** Oosterveld, Ernst. Graphics I. 1983.


* Parsch, Arnost. Double Concerto, bcl, pf, orch.

** Peixinho, Jorge. Meta-Formoses.

* Pinos, Alois. Concerto on B-A-C-H, bcl, str, perc.

* Pinos, Alois. Double Concerto on B-A-C-H, bcl, pf, str, perc.

* Pinos, Alois. Triple Concerto on B-A-C-H, bcl, vlc, pf, str, perc.

Pololanik, Zdenek. Musica spingenta III, bcl, orch. 1962, Panton.

** Powers, Anthony. Darkness to Day, cl/bcl, strings ( Duration 28'. 1988, British Music Collection.

* Prosev, Toma. Music concertante, bcl, str.



** Raaff, Robin de. Double concerto.

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* Rövenstrunck, Bernhard. Quadrupel, bcl, vln, vlc, pf, str.

** Rövenstrunck, Bernhard. Transformationen, bcl, vlc, pf, perc, strings.

** Rózsa, Pál. 3 pezzi opus 134.

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Schelb, Josef (1894-1977). Bassklarinettenkonzert. ANTES-EDITION, CD-Number: BM-CD 31.9080.

** Schidlowski, Leon. Eclipse, bcl, 5 instruments.

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Sluka, Lubos. Pastorale-ballatta e danza, bcl, pf, strings.

** Smetanin, Michael. Roar, bcl, orchestra. Duration 13'. 1998, Australian Music Centre.

* Soukup, Vladimír. Sonetti per I Due Boemi, bcl, pf, str.

** Smit, Sytze. Delta Dances, fl, bcl/acl, pf, chamber orch. Donemus.

** Solbiati, Alessandro. Mi lirica sombra, bcl, small ensemble.

** Spassov, B. Sono Oblogo. 1992.

* Stedron, Milos. Concert Scenes, bcl, pf, str.

* Stedron, Milos. Folk Songs, bcl, pf, str.

* Stedron, Milos. Old and New Gothic Dances, bcl, pf, jazz big band.

* Stedron, Milos. Old and New Renaissance Dances, bcl, pf, str.

* Stedron, Milos. Planktus, bcl, pf, str.

* Stedron, Milos. Song of Lidice, bcl, pf, str.

* Stedron, Milos. Suita Valachica, bcl, str.

** Straesser, Joep. Signals and Echoes, bcl, ensemble of 11 instruments. 1982, Donemus Buy the music!.

  • Recorded by Harry Sparnaay and Ensemble M under David Procelijn, Joep Straesser, Donemus Highlights CV44.

** Stravinsky, Igor, arr. Eckhardt. Polka.


Tate, Brian. Concertino for bass clarinet and chamber ensemble, solo bcl, fl, ob,cl, tpt, hn, tbn, pf, perc. Duration 15'. 1981, Canadian Music Centre.

* Thilman, Johannes P. Double concerto, bcl, pf, str, perc.

** Travlos, Michael. Concert, bcl, pf, orch.



Verbesselt, August. Kamerconcerto, bcl, strings. 1988, CeBeDeM.

Vlak, Kees. Concerto, bcl, concert band. Publisher: Molenaar B.V. Wormerveer NL.

* Vorlová, Sláva. Concerto, Op. 50, bcl, str. 1959, Czech Music Foundation.

* Vorlová, Sláva. Concerto per I Due Boemi, bcl, pf, str.

* Vorlová, Sláva. Corelationi, bcl, pf, str. 1968, Czech Music Foundation.

** Vriend, Jan. Hallelujah 1.

** Vries, Klaas de. A King, Riding, acl, bcl, cbcl, orch.

Vuori, Harri. Concerto for Bass Clarinet and Orchestra. 2001, Love Music.


Waddle, P. Kellach. The Last Dream of Boulder: Concerto-Reverie, bcl, string ensemble. 1995. More information available at the composer's website.

** Weddington, Maurice. Fire in the lake.

** Weddington, Maurice. Triple concerto, bcl, fl, ob, strings.

** Weddington, Maurice. Xiang Aspects.

Wennakoski, Lotta. Sade avaa, bcl, ensemble (fl, ehn, bsn, hn, perc, vln, vla, vlc, db). 1999, Finnish Music Information Centre.

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** Whiticker, Michael. Wild is the Wind: Bass Clarinet Concerto. bcl, pic, fl, ob, ehn, 2cl, cbsn, 4hn, 3tpt, 3tbn, tba, pf/cel, 5perc. Duration 16'. 1993, Australian Music Centre.

Wilson, Richard. Triple Concerto, bcl, hn, mar, orch. 1994, Peermusic.

Wissing, Norbert. Canto I, bcl, orch.


** Xenakis, Iannis. Echange, bcl, 15 instruments. 1989, Edition Salabert, Paris. University of California Library System.

  • Recorded by Harry Sparnaay and the ASKO Ensemble under David Procelijn, Iannis Xenakis, Attacca Babel 9054-1.



+ Zumaqué, Francisco. Concerto, bcl, wind band. 1989.

* Repertoire of Josef Horak
** Repertoire of Harry Sparnaay
+ Repertoire of Henri Bok