Bass Clarinet Bibliography

Bass Clarinet Solo



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Yuasa, Joji. Solitude.

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  • Recorded by Volker Hemken, Volker Hemken: Interpretenportrait, edition zeitklang, 2003.


Zander, Heinz Joachim. Capriccio. 1995, N. Simrock. The British Library.

Zannoni, Davide. Raffa from The Book of Friends. Self-published score. Tape available from the composer.

Zechberger, Gunther. Zerwoge.

+ Zumaqué, Francisco. Pascaliana #1.

+ Zumaqué, Francisco. Pascaliana #2.

* Repertoire of Josef Horak
** Repertoire of Harry Sparnaay
+ Repertoire of Henri Bok