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Instruments, Repair 9/1/18 Rodriguez Musical Services, Atlanta, Georgia. Hand-selected Buffet bass clarinets in stock, as well as repair services. Managed by professional clarinetists! Visit their website for more information.
Accessories 9/1/18 16 boxes of Vandoren bass clarinet reeds (5 reeds per box), strength 3, all sealed in original packaging. $200, free shipping.
Instruments 8/9/17 WANTED: A low C bass clarinet made by buffet crampon or selmer, the age doesn't really matter, as long as it's in at least reasonable condition. Please email me if you're selling one!
Instruments 2/15/17 FOR SALE: I'm selling my 1 year old professional bass clarinet with Low C (Buffet Crampon 1193 Prestige). It's in perfect condition, only played for about 10 gigs. Bought it brand new last year and need the money. Please contact me for more info.
Instruments 9/22/16 FOR SALE: Buffet 1180 B flat bass clarinet for sale. Goes to low E flat. Selling for $3000 but price is negotiable. Please contact me by email:
Instruments 3/1/16 FOR SALE: I am looking to sell my Buffet 1193 "Prestige" low C Bass Clarinet. I bought it new about 11 years ago, but haven't played it much since my son was born 3 years ago. Now with another kid on the way, I can't see myself playing it again anytime soon. It kills me to let it collect dust in the closet, I would love to see it go to a good home! Well cared for, though it needs a good polish. Plays beautifully!! Email for pictures. Asking $8,700 plus shipping. Thanks!
Instruments 11/18/15 FOR SALE: My Leblanc 14392 (from 1984) is a great high professional level instrument in great playing condition. It has the famous Leblanc quality excellence of very deep resonating sound in all registers. I have used this instrument successfully in many recordings ( Edward Vesala Sound&Fury) in my professional career and it has always responded greatly to all you want from it. This instrument was completely overhauled by Woodwinds/Helsinki. There was once a small scarf in the curve-part but is was overhauled completely and the instrument is in perfect intonation. There is an extra hook made in the upper clarinet part which enables one to hang it on your neck in good balance and makes a standing position playing possible.The case is specially made very strong flight case which you can put safely in aeroplane if you want. The interior part of the case is self-made - not exactly beautiful but works very well. This seems to be a very rare instrument - can't find from the net easily any of these:) Price: 7900e
Instruments 10/14/15 WANTED: Looking for a used Buffet Crampon 1193-2 in goor od better condition.
Instruments 10/14/15 WANTED: Low C, vintage wood bass clarinet in good condition. Professional jazz musician (tenor is my main instrument). Looking for a solid instrument that will be played passionately and with lots of love. Finances are on the tight side, so I'm looking for a rare or hard-to-sell instrument that is amazing. I used to have an early-1900's Buffet low C with a serial number of 'Z' on it, and a bell the size of a tenor - hybrid / bridge Albert / Boehm system with double register key. Passed it on during a 10+ year hiatus as she needed to be played. I'm playing and teaching again and need a new baby...
Repairs 6/10/10 Single-reed instrument overhauls, restorations, and modifications performed ---- All sizes of clarinets and saxophones; reasonable prices and turnaround times. Bass clarinets are my specialty (including neck re-angling and intonation improvements). All instruments thoroughly play-tested, tuned, and regulated.

Mouthpiece repairs and refacing performed ---- Excellent mouthpiece work on all sizes of clarinets and saxes, all materials including crystal, wood, and metals, generally $50 per mouthpiece. Also sell very good refaced mouthpieces based on various stock mouthpieces, $55 and up. Search at for references. David Spiegelthal, Centreville, VA.

Repairs 6/29/09 Ramon Wodkowski Moutpiece maker living in London (UK)
Instruction 9/6/06 Jim Sullivan, Los Angeles.

My approach to teaching focuses on cultivating a richness of musicianship and providing students with the skills to express themselves on the clarinet. A primary goal to this comprehensive approach involves helping students learn about learning, gain problem-solving skills, and become self-reliant. Together we can engage in a process of acquiring an arsenal of strategies so the student can feel confidence and command in any musical situation.

My teaching employs a classical foundation, emphasizing sound production as a primary means of expressing each student's artistic voice. Beauty of tone, versatility of color, complete dynamic control, sensitive intonation and a well-loved legato become tools that set an artist's imagination free. Students do scale/pattern practice and classical etudes to gain facility and understand harmonic structure. As in learning a language, skills may be acquired consciously; however, the mastery of skills results in an intuitive musical intelligence and deep resource of artistry. Sightsinging, dictation, and the discussion and integration of music theory further this cultivation of musicianship. Students learn classical solo and chamber music repertoire and additionally explore jazz, folk traditions, free improvisation and creations of their own composition.

Performers 9/6/06 Jim Sullivan, Los Angeles.

James Sullivan explores the versatility of the clarinet in an expansive scope of styles and repertoire. In addition to the soprano clarinet, he specializes in the bass clarinet and performs on the Turkish G clarinet. He plays with music ensembles Freshly Squeezed, Ensemble Green, Brad Dutz Quartet, Kan Zaman, Youm It Talaata. Recent collaborations include work with Vinnie Golia and The Grande Mothers Re:invented. Sullivan studied at Interlochen Arts Academy, Cleveland Institute of Music, Florida State University (B.M.), and CalArts (M.F.A.).

Performers 8/2/05 I am a pro-bass clarinetist that has toured with Phantom, Carousel and West Side Story. I am also a Boosey & Hawkes clarinet clinician and Rico Reed Artist. I am looking to hook up with a clarinet group for possible touring work. I have sample CD's, photos, resume and references in the form of a promotional package that I can send to you for consideration. You can contact me directly at: 206-545-3591 or email me at:
Performers 7/26/05 44 yr old bass clarinetist who has just finished a volunteer gig with the Rome Festival Orchestra seeks performance opportunities in New England-New York. I own a Selmer 33 Low C bass, Buffet R13 Bb and Yamaha CS in Key of A. I have studied with Bob Zelickman, Marian Liebowitz, Stan Stanford, and Professor Amato (Italy). I hold a bachelor of music composition degree from Willamette (OR) University and have studied at Portland (OR) State and San Diego (CA) State. I plan to meet with faculty of UMass Amherst (MA) about continuing studies there. Thank you for your time. Please email me or phone at 503 880 2160
Performers 4/6/05 WANTED: I am looking to form a low clarinet quartet to play locally in the area of Vancouver Canada. 2 bass clarinets, 1 contra alto, and 1 contrabass. Is anyone interested? Students, amateurs, or pros, all skill levels are welcome! Contact Willy @ 604-789-2665.
Performers 3/4/05 WANTED: Looking to find a woodwind choir or band to play with in the northern New Jersey if you are interested in starting one or have some that i might join please email me.
Repairs 6/14/04 Johnny Paul's Music Shop Sales and Service for wind instruments in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area
Repairs 9/29/03 WANTED: I need a cork tenon neck and bell for a leblanc noblet (early 70 model) bass clarinet. please email price. Thanks :)
Repairs 9/10/02 Have a clarinetist work on your clarinet! I specialize in bass clarinet work, overhauling, on average, one every two weeks. In addition, I have added peg assemblies, and re-angled bass clarinet necks. I have even built low D and C extensions. For an estimate on repair work, please call or e-mail. For more information, check my website:

"I didn't know my bass could sound so good!" - Customer quote.