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2/27/14 FOR SALE: USED BUFFET BASS CLARINET LOW C MODEL 1193. I recently had this Bass Clarinet serviced and was told that it is in "Very Good" to "Excellent" condition by the technician. I was also told that the pads are in "great shape". The technician told me that what makes my Bass Clarinet such a "good buy" is the fact that it was made with one long piece of African hardwood and not two like the ones the factory are turning out now (I wasn't totally clear on what this meant since there are two separate wood pieces that you put together to play but I'm sure that some out there will). I will consider all REASONABLE offers and provide more information and pictures to interested buyers.
1/20/14 FOR SALE: Buffet Prestige Bass Clarinet to Low C. Email for pictures and more info. Very Good condition. $6500.
9/18/13 WANTED: I am currently a second year music student at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. I am desperately in search for a used/refurbished professional Selmer Paris Model 65 Bass clarinet which is still in mint condition. I am willing to spend $4500 (which is 43084.80 South African Rands). I need it as an upgrade for a better sound. Please contact me ASAP if negotiable.
7/26/13 FOR SALE: 4 year old Selmer Low C Privilege Bass Clarinet for sale. Located in SE Wisconsin. Very Good condition; asking $10,000; fair offers will be considered.
6/15/13 FOR SALE: Leblanc 7166 Bass Clarinet for sale. Bought in 2007, used lightly. Make Offer.
6/4/13 FOR SALE: Yamaha YCL Low C Professional Bass Clarinet... Better than new already broken in! The Yamaha is a professional level bass clarinet in the key of Bb. It features Boehm fingering, a 2-piece grenadilla wood body, and a silverplated bell, neckpipe, and keys. Its range to low C, and comes with a floor peg. Includes case and mouthpiece if needed. $6,000.
5/13/13 FOR SALE: Selmer Paris Series 9 contra alto clarinet, in good condition. Rosewood body, silver plate, R series serial number (probably 1958). This horn was owned by a school and has some resultant cosmetic dings, along with four repaired cracks at the tops of the joints (none through tone holes) and a little plating wear on some keys. It had a playing condition overhaul in 2010, and has not been played much since then. Comes with original case, peg, and Selmer C* mouthpiece, ligature, and cap. Asking $3500. Pics upon request. Preference will be given to anyone who can pick up in the Chicago area.
3/20/13 WANTED: Looking for a Buffet Crampon B Flat Bass Clarinet to low C. I am willing to pay around $4-5,000. I am needing to have my own bass clarinet because I am graduating high school soon, and I prefer to have a Buffet.
3/12/13 FOR SALE: Great condition Selmer Paris Model 37 B Flat Bass Clarinet to low C for sale. Clarinet was originally purchased new at Whipkey’s Music in Marietta, GA in 2004. Original Selmer case is in excellent condition and surrounded by a custom, “weatherproof” Alteri case. This is a one owner clarinet and has been meticulously maintained. Wood is beautiful and crack free; matching serial number P00563. Comes with Selmer C* mouthpiece, Vandoren Optimum ligature and Selmer flat glass reed case. The horn has amazing sound, top to bottom, and is a dependable instrument for any concert player. Asking $7,000. Please email for pictures.
1/30/13 FOR SALE: B Flat Selmer Bass Clarinet for sale! Includes two bass clarinet stands,bell, neck, mouthpiece, and cleaning kit. Upon Request i shall include a music stand for no extra fee. I am asking for $700 dollars but i'm willing to negotiate the price. This is a great instrument for beginning, intermediate, or advanced players. Has been played many in ensembles and works great for solos. I hope to hear from someone soon. Thank you.
1/25/13 WANTED: Selmer Paris Contrabass Clarinet (wood body), model 28 or 41. I live in Brazil, but I have an USA address.
1/18/13 WANTED: Looking for a Henri Selmer rosewood bass clarinet. Model 23, 25, 35, or 37.
1/12/13 WANTED: I want a selmer 67 bass clarinet. I have two b flat soprano clarinets that I would be willing to give to offset the cost of the bass. My personal horn is a Selmer Centered tone. It has a few cracks that have been professionally repaired and do not affect the tone. It is a full Boehm clarinet and therefore extends to a low eflat. I paided 1500 for this clarinet and its value if I put it towards a bass would be about 750. My second clarinet is a Gigliotti Rosewood bflat clarinet. It has a warm loud sound and is actually capable of tuning well. However, this left had low f key has snapped off. This could be repaired fairly easily though. This clarinet I would value at about 100-150 bucks. I paid 500 for it. Thanks.
12/17/12 FOR SALE: I have a Selmer/Bundy resonite contra alto and a Vito contrabass that I am looking to trade both for a Leblanc paperclip low c contra. I would even take a low c bass clarinet. Both clarinet are in excellent playing condition with minor scuffs.
12/15/12 WANTED: Bass clarinet to low Eb with double register vent. Prefer and old Selmer but will also consider Leblanc, Buffet, or Yamaha. Located in Michigan USA.
11/9/12 FOR SALE: Selmer Paris Eb Contralto Clarinet, circa 1940s. Rosewood body, nickel-silver keys, C* mouthpiece, Rovner lig. Case is brand new! Plays like a dream, but we are starting a family and need to part with it. Asking $3,800. Please email me for pictures or with any questions.
11/3/12 WANTED: I'm still looking for Selmer Privilege 67 to low C . or buffet crampon prestige also to low C
8/27/12 WANTED: Looking for used bass clarinet. Buffet, Selmer or Yamaha to low C professional model. Thailand.
7/10/12 WANTED: I am an advanced high school student playing in orchestras, wind ensembles, and even jazz groupings in the New York area. I need a used professional bass clarinet that extends to low C by the end of summer 2012. I would be most interested in a Buffet Prestige 1193 or Selmer Paris Privilege 67, preferably the former. Thanks.
6/18/12 FOR SALE: I have an incredible Contrabass Clarinet for sale. It is a Leblanc, and I have much information on it! Please email me for pictures, and the rest of the info. I gotta sell this thing fast! Breaks my heart to part with it, but times are hard! $4,500!!! Way low! It's in perfect condition! Email me!
6/14/12 WANTED: Eb and Bb contra clarinets. I'm interested in professional quality instruments and will consider any Selmer, Buffet or Leblanc. Thanks!
5/10/12 WANTED: Bass Clarinet. Selmer or Buffet, to Low Eb. No repairs or cracks on body. I also can change it for a Selmer Signature A, or change and pay the difference. Spain.
5/2/12 FOR SALE: Buffet Prestige 1183 Low Eb for sale.

I bought it basically brand new and have totally babied it since then. My repair tech is a bass clarinet god and the horn is totally adjusted, oiled, and everything is in fabulous condition. It has a beautiful sound, my favorite of all other basses I've tried, but I really need the low C at this point.

Asking $6500 OBO, or I would consider a trade for a low C (preferably Selmer) and I would throw in some cash as well. Thanks!

4/30/12 FOR SALE: I have more then 30 bass clarinets (Buffet, Selmer, Conn, Leblanc etc). All are completely overhauled. I have maybe the biggest choice of basses in Europe. You are welcome to mail or call me: 0049 2722 3879 or 0049 1713835837.
4/21/12 FOR SALE: Selmer Paris model 67 bass clarinet. Excellent condition; like new. Used for 3 years while in college. Sells new for $10k. Asking for $7k. e-mail for more information.
4/8/12 FOR SALE: Buffet R-13 Vintage clarinet BC1131V-2-0. I have a beautiful clarinet for sale. I just bought a new one so I need to sell this one. I also have a BC1231-2-0 A R13 clarinet for sale. I can send pics bc1131v-2- $2800.00 bc1231-2-0 $3300.00 Brand new condition.
2/27/12 WANTED: Need an upgrade to a Buffet 1193G Low C bass clarinet. It doesn't have to be Greenline but if so, that would be nice. I can't afford anything over $4500. If you want to sell your instrument for a price that is not too excessive (as in you really don't need that much money), it will work, so long as its not vintage or in bad condition. It has to be in good condition, at least better than "school-owned good" condition by some degree. I really need one because I'm in a Symphony Orchestra and in a Wind Ensemble.
2/4/12 WANTED: A 1193 Buffet Crampon Prestige Bass Clarinet; the maximum I can spend is $3500.00 plus shipping. I am a college student Majoring in Music an need to upgrade my instrument. Please contact me at
1/23/12 FOR SALE: LeBlanc 7166 Bass Clarinet; Purchased new 2005, used approx. 18 months by middle school student, in excellent condition, photos on request, asking $1200.
1/18/12 WANTED: Contra bass clarinet. BBb. We are a high school seeking a used one.
1/13/12 WANTED: looking for used Yamaha Pro Model either to low E flat or low C.....