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8/19/14 FOR SALE: This is for a Buffet Bass Clarinet. This instrument was hand selected by Lisa Canning from the Buffet Shop in Florida, and was sold to me, the only owner, on April 2013. I do not play the Low C bass clarinet anymore, so I am looking to sell it. This instrument is practically brand new, and there is no damage on it. I will include a free Walter Grabner Lawrie Bloom Mouthpiece.
7/28/14 FOR SALE: Selmer Model 33 bass clarinet, c. 1980. Beautiful low-C instrument from an excellent era of Selmer bass clarinets. In great shape - recently replaced pads and well-aligned. Asking $6,700, will ship for free. Photos and more information available upon request.
6/19/14 FOR SALE: 7181 EEb Contralto Clarinet. Used and placed in proper playing condition by our Pro Repair Shop. Excellent at $2200.00 (Purchase includes buyer's choice of one box of in stock reeds and one in stock neck strap.)

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6/8/14 WANTED: I'd like to find a bass clarinet that comes apart in 5 pieces, namely a Selmer, but I'm not going to be inordinately picky. I have a couple of Civil War era clarinets for trade, each circa 1840s, saxtype fingering system. One is Bflat clarinet, J. Wallis and Sons, rosewood?, Hp? I'm thinking it is HP because I used to play it with the 1st Brigade Band in Watertown, WI. The other is an e-flat clarinet, C.A Zoebisch, rosewood? Both have been beautifully restored and are playable. I played with the organization for 6 years. One can fit a crystal mouthpiece on the e-fer. I no longer play with the organization and would rather have a bass clarinet at this point. If interested, I can send you pics of the horns. Dan Woolpert, former Director of the 1st BB band valued these instruments to be worth about $425 a piece in a publication of his, and that was years ago. Obviously we can negotiate the difference in price, but I'd like to put the trade forward into the purchase price.
6/6/14 FOR SALE: BBb Contrabass Clarinet. Used and placed in proper playing condition by our Pro Repair Shop. Excellent at $2500.00. Purchase includes buyer’s choice of one box of in stock reeds and one in stock neck strap.
5/9/14 WANTED: any used contrabass clarinets out there for sale? i'd like to pay around $1200 or less...
1/20/14 FOR SALE: Buffet Prestige Bass Clarinet to Low C. Email for pictures and more info. Very Good condition. $6500.
9/18/13 WANTED: I am currently a second year music student at Stellenbosch University, South Africa. I am desperately in search for a used/refurbished professional Selmer Paris Model 65 Bass clarinet which is still in mint condition. I am willing to spend $4500 (which is 43084.80 South African Rands). I need it as an upgrade for a better sound. Please contact me ASAP if negotiable.
7/26/13 FOR SALE: 4 year old Selmer Low C Privilege Bass Clarinet for sale. Located in SE Wisconsin. Very Good condition; asking $10,000; fair offers will be considered.
6/15/13 FOR SALE: Leblanc 7166 Bass Clarinet for sale. Bought in 2007, used lightly. Make Offer.
6/4/13 FOR SALE: Yamaha YCL Low C Professional Bass Clarinet... Better than new already broken in! The Yamaha is a professional level bass clarinet in the key of Bb. It features Boehm fingering, a 2-piece grenadilla wood body, and a silverplated bell, neckpipe, and keys. Its range to low C, and comes with a floor peg. Includes case and mouthpiece if needed. $6,000.
3/20/13 WANTED: Looking for a Buffet Crampon B Flat Bass Clarinet to low C. I am willing to pay around $4-5,000. I am needing to have my own bass clarinet because I am graduating high school soon, and I prefer to have a Buffet.
3/12/13 FOR SALE: Great condition Selmer Paris Model 37 B Flat Bass Clarinet to low C for sale. Clarinet was originally purchased new at Whipkey’s Music in Marietta, GA in 2004. Original Selmer case is in excellent condition and surrounded by a custom, “weatherproof” Alteri case. This is a one owner clarinet and has been meticulously maintained. Wood is beautiful and crack free; matching serial number P00563. Comes with Selmer C* mouthpiece, Vandoren Optimum ligature and Selmer flat glass reed case. The horn has amazing sound, top to bottom, and is a dependable instrument for any concert player. Asking $7,000. Please email for pictures.
1/30/13 FOR SALE: B Flat Selmer Bass Clarinet for sale! Includes two bass clarinet stands,bell, neck, mouthpiece, and cleaning kit. Upon Request i shall include a music stand for no extra fee. I am asking for $700 dollars but i'm willing to negotiate the price. This is a great instrument for beginning, intermediate, or advanced players. Has been played many in ensembles and works great for solos. I hope to hear from someone soon. Thank you.
1/25/13 WANTED: Selmer Paris Contrabass Clarinet (wood body), model 28 or 41. I live in Brazil, but I have an USA address.
1/18/13 WANTED: Looking for a Henri Selmer rosewood bass clarinet. Model 23, 25, 35, or 37.
1/12/13 WANTED: I want a selmer 67 bass clarinet. I have two b flat soprano clarinets that I would be willing to give to offset the cost of the bass. My personal horn is a Selmer Centered tone. It has a few cracks that have been professionally repaired and do not affect the tone. It is a full Boehm clarinet and therefore extends to a low eflat. I paided 1500 for this clarinet and its value if I put it towards a bass would be about 750. My second clarinet is a Gigliotti Rosewood bflat clarinet. It has a warm loud sound and is actually capable of tuning well. However, this left had low f key has snapped off. This could be repaired fairly easily though. This clarinet I would value at about 100-150 bucks. I paid 500 for it. Thanks.