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3/1/16 FOR SALE: I am looking to sell my Buffet 1193 "Prestige" low C Bass Clarinet. I bought it new about 11 years ago, but haven't played it much since my son was born 3 years ago. Now with another kid on the way, I can't see myself playing it again anytime soon. It kills me to let it collect dust in the closet, I would love to see it go to a good home! Well cared for, though it needs a good polish. Plays beautifully!! Email for pictures. Asking $8,700 plus shipping. Thanks!
11/18/15 FOR SALE: My Leblanc 14392 (from 1984) is a great high professional level instrument in great playing condition. It has the famous Leblanc quality excellence of very deep resonating sound in all registers. I have used this instrument successfully in many recordings ( Edward Vesala Sound&Fury) in my professional career and it has always responded greatly to all you want from it. This instrument was completely overhauled by Woodwinds/Helsinki. There was once a small scarf in the curve-part but is was overhauled completely and the instrument is in perfect intonation. There is an extra hook made in the upper clarinet part which enables one to hang it on your neck in good balance and makes a standing position playing possible.The case is specially made very strong flight case which you can put safely in aeroplane if you want. The interior part of the case is self-made - not exactly beautiful but works very well. This seems to be a very rare instrument - can't find from the net easily any of these:) Price: 7900e
10/14/15 WANTED: Looking for a used Buffet Crampon 1193-2 in goor od better condition.
10/14/15 WANTED: Low C, vintage wood bass clarinet in good condition. Professional jazz musician (tenor is my main instrument). Looking for a solid instrument that will be played passionately and with lots of love. Finances are on the tight side, so I'm looking for a rare or hard-to-sell instrument that is amazing. I used to have an early-1900's Buffet low C with a serial number of 'Z' on it, and a bell the size of a tenor - hybrid / bridge Albert / Boehm system with double register key. Passed it on during a 10+ year hiatus as she needed to be played. I'm playing and teaching again and need a new baby...
12/26/14 WANTED: Hi. I'm looking for a Buffet Prestige bass clarinet neck (just a neck - not the whole instrument). I'm also potentially interested in any quality contra-alto and contra-bass clarinets; e.g. Selmer France, Buffet or Leblanc. All responses welcomed!
8/19/14 FOR SALE: This is for a Buffet Bass Clarinet. This instrument was hand selected by Lisa Canning from the Buffet Shop in Florida, and was sold to me, the only owner, on April 2013. I do not play the Low C bass clarinet anymore, so I am looking to sell it. This instrument is practically brand new, and there is no damage on it. I will include a free Walter Grabner Lawrie Bloom Mouthpiece.
7/28/14 FOR SALE: Selmer Model 33 bass clarinet, c. 1980. Beautiful low-C instrument from an excellent era of Selmer bass clarinets. In great shape - recently replaced pads and well-aligned. Asking $6,700, will ship for free. Photos and more information available upon request.
6/19/14 FOR SALE: 7181 EEb Contralto Clarinet. Used and placed in proper playing condition by our Pro Repair Shop. Excellent at $2200.00 (Purchase includes buyer's choice of one box of in stock reeds and one in stock neck strap.)

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6/8/14 WANTED: I'd like to find a bass clarinet that comes apart in 5 pieces, namely a Selmer, but I'm not going to be inordinately picky. I have a couple of Civil War era clarinets for trade, each circa 1840s, saxtype fingering system. One is Bflat clarinet, J. Wallis and Sons, rosewood?, Hp? I'm thinking it is HP because I used to play it with the 1st Brigade Band in Watertown, WI. The other is an e-flat clarinet, C.A Zoebisch, rosewood? Both have been beautifully restored and are playable. I played with the organization for 6 years. One can fit a crystal mouthpiece on the e-fer. I no longer play with the organization and would rather have a bass clarinet at this point. If interested, I can send you pics of the horns. Dan Woolpert, former Director of the 1st BB band valued these instruments to be worth about $425 a piece in a publication of his, and that was years ago. Obviously we can negotiate the difference in price, but I'd like to put the trade forward into the purchase price.
6/6/14 FOR SALE: BBb Contrabass Clarinet. Used and placed in proper playing condition by our Pro Repair Shop. Excellent at $2500.00. Purchase includes buyer’s choice of one box of in stock reeds and one in stock neck strap.
5/9/14 WANTED: any used contrabass clarinets out there for sale? i'd like to pay around $1200 or less...
1/20/14 FOR SALE: Buffet Prestige Bass Clarinet to Low C. Email for pictures and more info. Very Good condition. $6500.