Michael Davenport, bass clarinet
Kimberly Davenport, piano

Critically acclaimed duo Michael & Kimberly Davenport have a growing repertoire of new music from around the world, and are dedicated to bringing that music to audiences through performance, recording, and publishing. Duo Alea's performances and recordings have brought local and world premieres of several important works for bass clarinet & piano.

Michael Davenport has been a performing bass clarinetist since the early 1960s. He has worked as a symphony musician as well as a bass clarinet soloist.

Kimberly Davenport has been working as a professional musician since her pre-teen years, with extensive work as a collaborative artist. She studied piano performance at the University of Washington (BA/BM) and Northwestern University (MM), the fine music library there serving as inspiration for early additions to the Duo's repertoire.

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Last updated January 1, 2015